The acquisition, retention, management, and dissemination of personal information obtained by Kochi International Association (hereinafter written as The Association) through the website will be handled as follows, based on the “Kochi International Association Personal Information Protection Regulation”.

Definition of Personal Information

Information related to the person (address, full name, email address, etc.) that allows for the identification of the person. (This also includes secondary information that when pieced together, may make it possible to discern the individual.)

Restrictions on Personal Information Collection

When The Association collects personal information through the internet, it is with the general principle that the user provides the information of their own will. The collection of personal information will be conducted to the required extent with its purpose(s) of collection clearly stated.

The Usage Limitation of Personal Information

Personal information will be used within the extent necessary for its purpose. In addition, if permission from the user is received, with the exception of personal information stated in the personal information protection ordinance, personal information may be used outside of its purpose, and shared with a third party.

Management of Personal Information

Personal information collected from users is securely managed by the website operations manager who is in charge of collecting information. In order to prevent loss and defamation, the necessary steps for proper personal information management are taken where possible.