Governor of Kochi released a message on COVID-19〈April 9〉

※ Kochi Prefecture announced this on April 9th.

A Request from the Governor of Kochi  (April 9,2020)

① Do not go outside during the day or at night.
Do not go outside until April 26th.
*You can go outside when:
・you go to buy food, medicine, and other things you need for daily life.
・you go to work.
・you go to the hospital.
・you need to go outside to do something that is urgent and necessary.

②Do not go to places that fall under the “3 Cs”
The 3 C’s are:
〇Closed rooms=small rooms without good ventilation
〇Crowded places=areas with lots of people
〇Close-contact settings=talking close to other people

◇Prime Minister’s Office Website: Avoid the 3 C’s

③Do not go to places with lots of new coronavirus cases (Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, etc.).

④Do not go to events with lots of people.
*Do not eat food with people who are not your family.

49 people have been hospitalized for COVID-19 in Kochi. (13 people have been discharged from the hospital.)
Many of the cases are in Kochi City and Sukumo City.
Young people may not know that they have COVID-19 (they may not have symptoms). Please be careful to not spread COVID-19 to those around you by following these requests.
Please follow these guidelines to decrease the amount of people who get the new coronavirus.

◇The Kochi Governor’s Requests can be found here:


The following is important

●Wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds.
●Wear a mask.
●Cover your mouth and nose with a mask or tissue when sneezing and coughing.


Coronavirus Consultation Center (Kochi Prefecture)
【Phone】 088-823-9300
【Reception Time】9:00-21:00, every day

◇Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)
【Reception Time】24 hours a day, every day
【Language】Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean

Kochi Consultation Center for Foreign Residents
【Phone】 088-821-6440
【Reception Time】9:00-17:00 Monday to Friday
【Language】18 languages, we will use translation applications or telephonic interpretation services, or interpreters in person will support us to communicate.

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