Governor of Kochi released a message on COVID-19〈Jan.22〉

A message to the people of Kochi Prefecture〈Jan. 22  2021〉

○As we enter the new year, throughout the prefecture, we have seen a decrease in new cases of Covid-19. In addition, the burden being placed on our medical facilities and staff has begun to lighten. I believe this to be the fruit of the efforts made by Kochi’s residents and businesses. Thank you so much for your cooperation.

○With that being said, there are still 11 prefectures in Japan who have issued a state of emergency. Even here in Kochi prefecture, we are not in a situation where we can afford to let down our guard.

○If we are not diligent in our efforts we risk inviting another wave of infections. As a result of all our combined efforts things are getting better, but I fear that we could be back to square one if we are not careful.

○With this in mind, I would ask that all residents of Kochi continue exercising restraint in regard to eating out. Specifically, as I have requested previously, I ask that those who are eating out, including for lunch, do so in groups of four or less. Furthermore, the time spent at any foodservice establishment should not exceed two hours.

○Looking at our recent data concerning infections within Kochi, there are a relatively high number of infections resulting from travel to other prefectures. I therefore would like to make two requests regarding travel to those prefectures where the virus is spreading, as well as to those who have declared a state of emergency.

○My first request is that travel to infected areas be kept to an absolute minimum, and that proper precautions be taken when travel through these areas is unavoidable.

My second request is that those traveling to other prefectures respect the requests being made by other governors. A majority of the prefectures that have declared a state of emergency are currently calling for all people to refrain from going outside unnecessarily, both during the day and at night. Please show your cooperation with these and all other messages.

○I ask that all who are unable to abide by the above requests carefully weigh their options, and consider refraining from travel at this time.

○In order to avoid another spike in cases, I believe all residents of Kochi must continue to work together to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Please continue to lend me your support.

January 22nd, 2021
Kochi Prefecture Covid-19 Emergency Response Headquarters Chief
(Governor) Hamada Seiji

〔Kochi International Association(KIA)・Made on 1/25〕