Message from the Governor of Kochi on COVID-19 (June 4)

A message to the people of Kochi Prefecture〈June 4 2021〉
【Kochi Prefecture HP】<Japanese>↓

<English translation>

●Since May, COVID-19 cases in Kochi Prefecture has been increasing rapidly. In response to this, I made a request for restaurants (especially those that serve alcohol) in both Shimanto City and Kochi City, where infection rates were particularly high, to close by 8pm for the period of 26 May to 8 June.

●Thanks to the co-operation of a large number of businesses, currently COVID-19 cases in the prefecture have reduced slightly. Despite this, there are still a large amount of confirmed cases daily. Thus, the response stage has remained the same at the special precaution stage, the second highest stage rating.

●Regarding Kochi City and Shimanto City
ーShimanto Cityー
The number of COVID-19 cases in the city has greatly reduced, including some days with 0 confirmed cases. My request that restaurants etc. close by 8pm each night will end on the 8 June as planned.

ーKochi Cityー
The number of daily COVID-19 cases remain high. My request that restaurants etc. close by 8pm each night has been extended until Sunday 20 June. However, if COVID-19 cases reduce substantially before then, I will review this request and possibly end it on Sunday 13 June. The Kochi prefectural government will continue to grant assistance funds to businesses that cooperate with this request.

●Within the prefecture, confirmed COVID-19 cases who are infected with a variant strain of the virus continues to remain high. These COVID-19 variant strains are extremely contagious. Without the current measures to reduce the spread of infection, the number of COVID-19 cases in the prefecture would rapidly increase.

●I ask for your continued cooperation in regard to the following measures:
・Please refrain from dining out in groups of more than four people and for longer than two hours.
・When dining out, please avoid conversing with others while not wearing a mask as much as possible

●We are in a crucial period to determine whether COVID-19 case numbers will continue to decrease or increase once again. I ask for your continued cooperation to reduce the spread of infection in our prefecture.

4 June 2021
Governor of Kochi Prefecture
Hamada Seiji

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